Monday, December 10, 2007

Bali and Green Coal


I saw a bit of the 7.30 Report tonight, and while I didn't really listen to what was said, I did hear them mention the coal industry, at the same time as Bali, and reducing carbon emissions.

Now, I'm sure scientists have thought about, researched, tested, discussed, written papers etc to the nth degree. However, the solution to pump the emissions deep into the earth seems fundamentally flawed to me. Man watched smoke disappear into the atmosphere for years and honestly believed, because it disappeared, that no harm was one. Isn't it possible, that simply pumping it underground is the modern equivalent. We can't see it, so it isn't harmful. Is this the solution future generations will thank us for.

To me, the logic is the same as piping the fumes to China, and releasing them there, because no one would really notice.

And yes, I am using a PC, and lights, that are fueled by coal power plants. The TV is also on.

I have opted for green energy on my power bill, if that helps.
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