Monday, March 3, 2008

Rudd Takes Action

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I don't envy him, he has a lot of structural problems to fix, and no room to move. At least he doesn't if he only focuses on the one problem. And this is what everyone is telling him to do, well that's the way it appears.

However, I think we need something more creative, some vision, some crashing through walls, some super man of action.

Sure there maybe dust and rubble, but we may actually get somewhere, and have some fun along the way. We may have some things "that we had to have", but what the heck.

Would John Wayne have held back because inflation might go up a few points. No he would have charged in and got his hands dirty.

People want houses, lets build em. Stop fussing about a few percentage points of inflation.

If fact, if houses were cheaper, people would have so much more money they could afford to spend a few extra dollars on meat, potatoes and two veg.
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