Sunday, March 3, 2013

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott go west. Cartoon.

My last post as Laberal.  Need to restart in  a different way, to try a different way of drawing and a different way of expressing my ideas.  I feel that I have taken the current format as far as I can. 


jeff said...

That's understandable, BUT very disappointing news to hear. What are we going to do for our hit of classic Political comedy now? And how will we know when you're back on deck in whatever form?

Unknown said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the kind comments. Still working everything out. Starting with my drawing. May start with before and after characters, eg old Tony and new Tony. I'll ask people what they think and hopefully that will point me in the direction I should be going. Ian

clarencegirl said...

Oh noes! Don't go and change in an election year, you were developing a really keen edge to the images and humour.