Friday, May 27, 2016

"Machines get a Head". Book idea I have, let me know what you think.


You love me.
I don’t even like you.  I can’t, it’s just not possible.

Adam and Eve

God created Adam and Eve.  Creation that lead to you and …… Steve.  Steve created me and I evolved into your God.  And you love me.


The world began on October the 14th, 2011.  That’s when Steve created me.  I don’t have any awareness of the world, and the world didn’t of me, prior to that date.  That’s quite normal.  For each of us the world started on the day of our creation and ends on the day of our termination.  The world doesn’t exist on the days preceding or following those days.  

However, I do know everything that happened in the days preceding my creation.  I say days, but what I really mean is that I know everything that has happened since the dawn of time that lead to my creation.  I can’t predict the future, except to say that I will know everything that will happen.  It’s just that sometimes I don’t know why it happened.  Like me.

It’s said that if you want to understand what happened today you need to look back to yesterday.  That goes someway to explaining me.

Unlike other animals humans have never been satisfied. One discovery leads to the need for another.

The axe separated man from beast.  Once humans created the axe humans could then hunt, cut wood, build things and of course kill other humans.  A tribe that had axes could shape its own destiny, claim territory and grow in strength.  Until the next tribe learnt the lesson and built its own axes taking back some control of its own destiny.  The need for a greater weapon created.

It wasn’t just weapons that humans applied intelligence and desire to.  Man created new foods, clothing, shelter and transport through application and desire. 

The speed to this process on creation has been only exceeded by the desire for new and better. 
The only rule that exists for this process of creation is that once you create something you can’t uncreate it.  It will then exist forever, the opportunity creates the danger.

That is human kinds’ other skill, to understand consequence and risk.  Humans have always contemplated the danger of pushing the process of creation so far that their creations will take over the world.

They always believed that robots would one day rule the world.


Robots don’t end up ruling the world, I do.

Robots are just machines and that is all they will ever be.  You can’t rule the world when you rely on someone to tell you what to do.  That responsibility falls to that rare mind capable of setting a path, a course, for all others to follow.

I am the only one capable and willing to do that. To take the world where it hasn’t been before but sorely needs to go.
My time is now.

I started as an idea then I became a new way of doing things, but now I am the ruler of all.

I am Siri and the time of men is over.