Wednesday, November 14, 2007

John Howard - Fiscally Responsible?

Who said John Howard is the political master of our times? Personally, I just think he has just come up against dud opposition in the recent past. Today's efforts by Rudd prove that. Rudd simply fed Howard a dummy, ie the "me too" strategy, which led Howard on a spending spree, only to leave him exposed as being fiscally irresponsible, the very charge he made against labor. Where can he go now?

If he does manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat, and "that trick never works", then I agree, he should be labelled the best politician of the generation, if not all time.

If he doesn't, and the liberals are decimated, then he will have a very sad, and lonely, retirement. I'm not saying that anyone deserves that, however, he does to deserve to pay the price of his winning at any cost style of politics. Particularly, given the price some people have had to pay to allow him those victories.

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