Sunday, April 20, 2008

2020 Summit, Reached?

2020 Summit
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I'm not being cynical, I'm not being cynical, but, all we have had so far is the initial euphoria.

That was good, there appears to be a sense that something structurally is being done in the country and we may get some real, long needed, change in many areas. However, that is Rudd's greatest danger, ensuring that the result matches the expectation.

What worries me is the word "consider". Whenever I hear the word "consider", I think of my father responding to my request to go to a party on a school night. I never, ever got to go.

Now, Kevin did say that, didn't he? Words to the effect that he would consider the great ideas put before him.

Honestly, I'm not being cynical, but.......

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