Monday, April 28, 2008

Budget Preparations

Kevin Rudd Wayne Swan Budget Preparations
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I'm not suggesting a conspiracy theory, or anything like that, however, let's have a think about this.

Start with the premise that the Reserve Bank has argued that the tax cuts now, and those given in the past, are inflationary.

The Federal Government is committed to giving tax cuts in the next budget.

Those tax cuts favour the battlers, rightly so.

Now, guess what section of the population smokes and drinks (particularly those mixer drink things) the most. We are making an assumption here, but I think it works.

The government, in a bit of a budget bind, looks for a strategy, and bingo, hits on booze and fags. It was an old favourite.

The final trick will being convincing the Reserve Bank that, in fact, it hasn't given tax cuts at all. And that, I suspect, will be attempted in private.

Is it mad, or could it just be true?
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